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Electromagnetic flow meter M2
Electromagnetic flow meter M2

An electromagnetic flow meter is composed of a sensor and a transmitter. The flow meter is used to measure the volumetric flow rate of conductive fluids and waste water. Different types of output signals are available. The main applications take place in the following sectors: chemical industry, energy sector (generation and distribution), mines, water treatment, paper industry, pharmaceutical industry, food sector and environmental protection. The measurement is independent of the density, viscosity, temperature, pressure and conductivity (> 5μS / cm) of the fluid. The measuring instrument must not be crossed by fluids that transport solid bodies of high size that cannot be considered solids in suspension. Load losses are absent and straight sections reduced upstream (5 diameters) and downstream (3 diameters) of the instrument are required.

  • For conductive liquids (> 5μS / cm), even with suspended particles
  • Range from <0.1m3 / h to> 28000m3 / h
  • Communication protocols (opt.)
  • Better measurement accuracy ± 0.2%